Advantages Of Choosing A Dedicated Hosting Server


Whether you have a small or large business, you will have the option of choosing between many different web hosting services. The majority of people use the so-called shared hosting. Which means that more than one business will be sharing the same storage for their websites. This option is not the safest and definitely not the best option you have.


However, people tend to use this one more than any the dedicated hosting servers because they are a lot cheaper. Those shared servers might be cheaper than dedicated ones. But the dedicated have a lot more advantages that people usually don’t know. Because of that, we will now explain to you why is better to have a dedicated server and what are some of the advantages.

The Resources are not Shared

If you decide to purchase a dedicated server for your website. That means that you will get a whole server that will be used to store only your data. That server will be completely cut off the other ones and that is good for you because you won’t have to face problems like slow CPU or no space in the RAM. There will be no possibility of some other website slowing down your server because you will have everything dedicated to only your data.



Improved Security and Performance

If you are looking for a web hosting service that will provide you with maximum uptime of your website. Then the dedicated server is the perfect option. The dedicated hosting is the best option for websites. That have a lot of traffic because they will provide you with some of the best stability. The security is much higher on dedicated servers because you will not have to worry about other businesses websites for spamming.

Unique IP Address

As you might know, every server has its own unique IP address. Knowing that, why would you choose a shared hosting over dedicated? This means that if you are on shared hosting and some other website gets the IP address blocked, your website will be blocked too.


With dedicated hosting, you won’t have to worry about that, you would have your own IP address. That is in your control and if it gets blocked it means that it was your fault.


Unlike shared hosting, dedicated servers are providing their clients with the option of customizing the server to meet their special needs. You will be able to customize anything from the CPU, RAM, Software and the storage space of the server. That is the problem with shared hosting, you can only use what you get. You have no access to the hardware and software that is used for running the server. Sometimes the shared hosting is not suitable for websites that have large traffic because they require a much faster CPU and more RAM than they have on the shared server. The dedicated server, on the other hand, is allowing the clients to customize their servers as they wish.

Best Ways To Promote a Web Hosting Service

If you are an owner of a web hosting service that is unique and you have some very interesting features and tools that you provide for your clients. Then all that you are missing is the clients. The web hosting business becomes some of the most powerful businesses and due to a huge demand, there is a high competition. To achieve success and attract clients to your business. You need to know some of the best ways that you can promote your hosting services. We have done all the hard work for you and made a list of some of the best ways you can promote your business.

Using Social Networks

Social networks are nothing new to you, everyone is introduced to them. And almost everyone is using some social media platform to keep up with the news. For that exact reason, social networks are most likely the best way you can promote and market your business. You just need to use them wisely, you can start with creating an account for your business on every social media that is popular these days such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.


The most important thing you need to do before starting your follower base is to have a very precise and detailed description of your business. You need to provide the account with a lot of important information about your business. After you done those first few steps you can start gathering followers. And if you put enough time and effort into these social network accounts, you will see the result.

Search Engine Optimization

The optimization of the search engine is very popular trick these days for attracting more clients. It is very simple to understand the higher your website is placed in the search the more visitors you will get. If you don’t know anything about the SEO. Then we highly suggest that you read some forums about it because it will help you boost your hosting business by a lot.


This is exactly what is sounds like. A link that is located somewhere on your site which will lead the visitors to some other location that is still on your site. The more of these backlinks you have implemented on your website. The better because you just cannot have enough of them.


They will help your business grow extremally fast. However, you should not wait for instant results. Give it a little time and quicker than you can realize more and more people will visit your website.

Power of the Press

The only way that is nowadays better than social networks for promoting your business is the press. With the press, you can expect instant results, the press is perfect for the promotion of your business. You can pay for some press to make a post about your business. Make sure that they mention every crucial information on their post, so people can find your business more easily. You can go to your local radio station or papers and ask them if they would be interested.

What Makes Web Hosts Cost More Or Less Money


If you have been searching for the perfect web hosting service, then you have most likely realized that the cost of their services varies and sometimes by a lot. There are even some web hosting services that are free, but have you ever wondered why is that? Well if you have and you still don’t know the exact reasons that are causing the difference in the cost. Then we highly suggest that you continue reading this article because we did all the necessary research for you. You might be shocked by some of the things we have found out about the cost of the web hosting.

Example: Cost of Web Hosting in Canada

Most of the web hosting providers in Canada will be charging you with a fee. That you have to pay monthly in order to use the services that they provide. Those fees are based on different factors such as the obvious one, the number of websites that the clients want to host, the space that the client requires for their websites, and some of the Canadian web hosting providers even charge their building tools additionally. However, there are some web hosting services that won’t charge you extra for their tools.


Nowadays there are so many different web hosting services that people have the problem deciding on which host to use because every host is different from the other. It can be hard to find a web hosting service that provides all the needed additional tools and high security with affordable price. Especially for smaller businesses that have a low budget. The two main types of hosting services are the ones that don’t. Require you to pay for them and there are the ones that do require. The Canadian web hosts that require you to pay for their services can be separated into to more subcategories. To the ones that will charge you the same for an unlimited number of websites and unlimited use of storage on their servers and to the ones that will charge you more or less depending on your needs.

Increased Security

Some web hosting services will have provided their clients with the option of further increasing the security of their data. In most cases, they charge the clients extra for this service. However, we think that this is a very good deal that everyone should take if you have the opportunity because there is never enough high security.


Free Web Hosting

Yes, you heard it right, there are some web hosting services that offer their servers for free. However, as you can assume, you will get what you have paid for. So, these free web hosting services cannot be compared to those which require payment for their services.

Everything is much worse, and we do not recommend these types of services to anyone. Their security is very weak or sometimes they even don’t have any. They also provide you with a limited amount of storage space which is usually too small for any bigger website.

Pros And Cons Of Web Hosting


There can be a lot of pros and cons of using a web hosting service. Especially if you are a smaller business that has a low budget for the web hosting services. Some of these pros and cons that we will present to you. May or may not be helpful for the bigger businesses and companies that have a large budget provided for the web hosting services and its features.


However, we suggest that you read through this article no matter the size of your business because you might learn something new that will, later on, help you with some of the decisions about the web hosting services.


Tools for Building. One of the major pros of having a good web host is that they will provide you with some additional features such as specially designed tools. That are made to help you create, design and maintain your website more easily. These tools are very helpful to inexperienced people because they will carefully guide you step by step through the whole process of creating your website.


If you have already some experience in creating websites. Then it shouldn’t be a problem to you to finish in less than an hour with the help of these tools. These tools are perfect for smaller businesses. That don’t want to pay a lot of money for some professional to create their website.

High Security

Security is probably the most important part of a web hosting service. That is because nobody wants to have their sensitive information stored on a server that is not secured enough. That’s why nowadays almost every web hosting service provides a high-level security system for their clients. Without high enough security people wouldn’t use a web hosting service. They will rather pay more money for less space that is more secure than a huge space that is not reliable.


Nowadays, there are really not many cons of Web hosting due to the advancement of the technology. A decade ago there were certainly a lot more cons to the hosting services. But fortunately, the advancing technology has almost ruled them all out. However, there are still few that are worth mentioning such as the space sharing on the servers that some web hosting services do.

Space Sharing

The sharing of space means that the web host. Will give the same storage space for two or more different businesses. That is only beneficial to the host because that saves them a lot of money because they don’t need to buy new servers. However, this problem usually occurs with smaller businesses. Because they cannot afford to pay for a server that will be dedicated to only them. The problem with sharing the same space is that some businesses can suffer from others. That is because if some business is sending out a huge amount of Spam. The other websites that are on the same server can be blocked. Away due to the Spam that is coming from that server. That can lead to loss of visitors on the website.


4 Features To Look For In A Web Hosting Service

In order to get your business on the Internet (Web) you will need to find a web hosting service that has the best features and is most suitable for your needs. If you want to find the best web hosting service. You shouldn’t just search for the one that provides the biggest space on their servers. You should pay more attention to other important features that web hosting services are offering to their clients such as advanced building tools for your site, special control possibilities and of course, a good customer support.

Website Under Construction

Nowadays there are a lot of different web hosting services out there from with you can choose from and it has become very complicated to choose one. However, if you know exactly what types of features you need to look for in a hosting service. You will have a much easier job of deciding on which hosting service to choose. Here are some of the features that only the best web hosting services provide.

Website Building Tools

Every good web hosting service should provide their clients with advanced building tools that are specially designed to help you create, update and maintain your website. These building tools are very helpful whether you are a beginner or an expert for creating and designing websites.


Therefore, before you decide on a host, you should check that they offer this kind of building tools that are extremely helpful. Some of these tools are so good that you can create your own website even if you don’t have any experience. This can save you some money because you won’t need to hire a professional designer for your website.

Control Panel

A control panel is a very important part of a web hosting service. It is designed to save the business owner a lot of time by having all the vital administrative options in one place. There are, of course, many different types of control panels, but only the best ones offer the user the control over every feature of the website. The good control panels are easily recognizable because they have a very user-friendly interface that is very simple and easy to use. With a good control panel, you shouldn’t have the problem of finding the option that you need.

Statistics of Your Website

The web host that you use should have a feature that will show you exact statistics of your website. With the correct statistics, you should be able to monitor the performance and status of your website at any time. This feature is usually is being included by most of the web hosting companies.


However, some of them will charge you extra for that statistical information of your website. That’s why you should check that the web host offers a free look at the information of your website before you choose one.

24/7 Technical Support

This feature is of a great importance for you because if any problem or error occurs. You will need some professional help. This feature will help you a lot. So make sure that the web host you are settling with has a 24/7 technical support that is there to help you.

Web Hosting For Small Businesses

Before you do any work on the design of your website for your small business. You first need to find a web hosting service that will give permission for other people to see and visit your website. Deciding which web hosting service will you use to put out your website on the Internet should be the first thing you do. The job of these web hosting services is not only to make your website visible. To other people on the Internet. But also to simplify your job of updating the website when it is required.  These web hosting services will be responsible for things like running your website. At all times and your job will be only to focus on the looks and functions of it.


Some web hosting services provide their clients with additional features. That can be very useful such as helping the client to find a suitable domain name. Provide some advanced design tools that are crucial for building a website. Some of them can also provide the clients with useful tips on how to make communication easier by using their Email functions.

Other Web Hosting Features

Web hosting services have a lot more features that they offer for their clients, they can vary depending on which web hosting service you have decided to use. However, there are certain features that are very common and most of the web hosting services have them as a regular package for their clients. The first feature that is maybe the most important to the client is the security features. These security features can be also different, there are a lot of different types of security levels that a hosting service can provide for businesses.


Security for websites is very important because some websites have databases. That contain some sensitive personal information about their visitors such as phone and credit card number. To successfully secure those personal information’s. You need to look for a web hosting service that provides high-security servers for their clients. Those high-security servers can protect your information from various cyber-attacks. And malware software that are specially designed to extract private information from websites.

For websites that store very sensitive private information such as credit card information. We suggest that you look for web hosts that have an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). Because they are securing all the information that is being transferred from and to the website. However, because we are talking about small businesses that most likely don’t have an IT team. That is dedicated to the support of the website, we suggest using the services of the web hosting company. That will maintain your website and fix any problem if any problem happens. That way even if your website crashes for some reason there will be. People who will immediately start looking for the problem. And fixing it in order to get your website back and running in the shortest amount of time possible.

Web Hosting Security

By Daren Walker / February 28, 2017

No matter if you are a small website that deals with niche articles or a huge website that has lots of confidential data on their servers. The security is the most important thing you want to invest into going down the line. The lack of investments of safety can prove detrimental as many websites are not aware of the dangers that the internet can inflict onto a website in a short amount of time.


Why you need to secure your hosting

Today there are many tools for malicious practice over the web. People that specialize in making money off of the work of other people. So you need to consider that whatever you make. Or have engaged into has to be protected from people that would take advantage of it for their own goals and requirements. Without a secure web hosting, you are open to malware, phishing e-mails, direct FTP attacks and much more. Secure the content before it becomes the property of some hacker.

The ways you can make your site more secure:

First of all, it’s good to know that all web hosting services are aware of the different attacks that can happen on your site. And for that reason, they offer many ways to secure and protect your site. You have to know which ones are for you and how to utilize those tools for your benefit.


– SSL protection

 SSL encrypts the route between the web server and the browser. SSL certificate is usually active if you can spot the locked padlock in the top left corner of your HTTP bar.

– Backups

Many backups are the only thing that can save your data in some situations prepare in advance. And secure backups for your content because some people just want to destroy your data and move on.

–  Secure File Transfer Protocol

Providing additional protection for your File transfer protocols is a must in today’s online world. Check with your web hosting service what exactly can they protect under the SFTP.

3 Ways on How To Reach New Web Hosting Clients


In today’s world, there is endless web hosting provider that you can find online. Businesses that are just getting into the online market have a hard time to pick the right web hosting provider for them and their business, and we can blame them. But a good thing to come out of all that chaos is the ability to choose a service. That sticks out above all the rest and the fact that you can get a service much cheaper than you could have in the past couple of years.

But what can you do as a web hosting service that will attract new clients for your business?

Well, first you have to decide what services you plan to offer, for who exactly and how much you will charge for your service.

So, let’s get into the details of this little problem.


– Find your niche

If you plan to go into the web hosting market, you have to be prepared for fierce competition. The market is over saturated today in many ways. And if you just go in and offer all the services you can. You will find it hard to compete with a ton of other providers that have been present longer than you and have already made their packages to have lower prices than you can offer.

So instead of taking the whole market head on, pick your battles. Choose a niche market and focus on that, you can get more people in a particular group. That care about certain services and how they are done in regards to quality. That you might have a good chance depending on the effort you put into your web hosting. On the plus side if you are unique you will get good ratings on the Google SEO. And you can keep the top spot for longer.


– Responsiveness and cleanliness overall

Sites that you host will have their content, and for them, to success. They must be responsive and not cluttered with unimportant stuff.

You as a web hosting provider need to think of ways to make their content seem clean. And to keep it responsive because a fast site will bring more traction and if there is more traction for your clients you will have more success down the line. Remember a happy customer is a customer for life.


– Focus on marketing your product

The online world is filled with thousands of ads, and the only way to make yours stand out from the rest is to have an engaging marketing campaign. Create new blogs and spend some time on social media markets as your products and their features can pick up the fastest traction over there.

It’s never bad to keep your customer base updated on the services. You offer and about any changes you make in them. Sometimes spam can be bad, but in this case. An update will keep you connected wit your users, and it will create new ones down the line.

Why You Need To Choose The Best Web Hosting Service Is Crucial For Your Business

Whether you are a small business trying to make it big, or you are a full-grown business that likes to keep their lead in today’s market, it’s important to have a good online presence. Today lots of companies forget that having a good web hosting service is as important as their content that is hosted on those sites. We like to think that the content that gets pushed every day and that constantly needs to get updated and nurtured is the end goal of all online content.


In all reality, the work that gets done in the background that makes those websites come alive and work flawlessly is sometimes even more important than the content on it.

If for instance, you sell a few things you can’t spend all your time and money on the description. And marketing, sometimes more money needs to go to a good web hosting service. So your content does not get any down time. And so it can have a fantastic and easy to use layout. People love good designs that are simple and fast, and for that, you need to take a step back. And give props to a good web hosting service and their maintenance.

However, be prepared to deal with lots of issues should you not get a good web hosting service


– Your SEO ranking will go down

SEO is based on the functionality of the site. If a site does not function, it will not get the traction needed to rank it higher on the SEO. Make sure you keep this in mind when you design your site.

– Money loses

Every time your site is not working or frustrating somebody who is using it will be money lost for your business. The only reason that it’s good to pay more for a god web hosting service if for nothing else is that you will make more money with it down the line.

– Security issues

A site without a good web hosting structure can get attacked very easily. To prevent these situations and tons of bad things you have to have a good web hosting service that has top of the notch security features.

How to know you have a good web hosting service

There are tons of web hosting services online, and you have to pick one sooner or later. Here are some reasons that will let you know if you chose a good web hosting service.

– Customer support

If their customer support is working all the time and goes above and beyond to fix your issues in the fastest amount of time you are in good hands.

– Bonus content

If your Web hosting service gives bonuses depending on the packages, you can go anywhere from good, to excellent service. The more they offer you, the better their services are.

– Reputation

Down the line, a good reputation will take a company far in this business. If somebody has recommended a web hosting with word of mouth, then you know that the web hosting company. You have chosen left a good impression that made them remember the name instead of googling it.

Web Hosting For Word Press


Many successful websites have engaged in WordPress web hosting. It often gets neglected and not mentioned but having a WordPress web hosting can have many benefits for your website even if your website is not WordPress centered. For instance, the SEO can work wonders if your site has a WordPress web hosting which will, in turn, increase your sales and clicks.


When picking a web hosting WordPress company. It’s important to keep in mind the services they provided for you at no cost and what exactly will cost you down the line. In many businesses, you can get money back guarantee for your first 30-60 day trials. And if you are a business that needs WordPress for its web hosting for only a couple of days. This can prove to be a sound investment.

However, as we mentioned before it’s important to know what the WordPress web hosting can do for you in the background. The fact that many people just want to pump in the content without worrying about the managing of the WordPress. Segment of the site should steer you in the direction of the sites that take care of that from behind the scenes.


Additionally, keep in mind that many WordPress sites restrict what plugins are allowed on their site. So you don’t get duplicated features down the line.

One of the most important things to keep in mind. When hiring a WordPress web hosting is the uptime of your website. It’s statistically proven that websites that have no downtime or keep their down. Time low have significantly higher revenues and more visits.

WordPress web hosting allows you to keep your downtime to a minimum. But keep in mind that your behind the scene customer support will be responsible for that. So be on good terms with them and in constant touch. With them less you find yourself on the short end of the stick.

Word Press web hosting is on the rise, and we only have good things to say about it. It won’t cost you much to get it up and running. But it might prove beneficiary to keep it running for as long as you need it.

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