Advantages Of Choosing A Dedicated Hosting Server


Whether you have a small or large business, you will have the option of choosing between many different web hosting services. The majority of people use the so-called shared hosting. Which means that more than one business will be sharing the same storage for their websites. This option is not the safest and definitely not the best option you have.


However, people tend to use this one more than any the dedicated hosting servers because they are a lot cheaper. Those shared servers might be cheaper than dedicated ones. But the dedicated have a lot more advantages that people usually don’t know. Because of that, we will now explain to you why is better to have a dedicated server and what are some of the advantages.

The Resources are not Shared

If you decide to purchase a dedicated server for your website. That means that you will get a whole server that will be used to store only your data. That server will be completely cut off the other ones and that is good for you because you won’t have to face problems like slow CPU or no space in the RAM. There will be no possibility of some other website slowing down your server because you will have everything dedicated to only your data.



Improved Security and Performance

If you are looking for a web hosting service that will provide you with maximum uptime of your website. Then the dedicated server is the perfect option. The dedicated hosting is the best option for websites. That have a lot of traffic because they will provide you with some of the best stability. The security is much higher on dedicated servers because you will not have to worry about other businesses websites for spamming.

Unique IP Address

As you might know, every server has its own unique IP address. Knowing that, why would you choose a shared hosting over dedicated? This means that if you are on shared hosting and some other website gets the IP address blocked, your website will be blocked too.


With dedicated hosting, you won’t have to worry about that, you would have your own IP address. That is in your control and if it gets blocked it means that it was your fault.


Unlike shared hosting, dedicated servers are providing their clients with the option of customizing the server to meet their special needs. You will be able to customize anything from the CPU, RAM, Software and the storage space of the server. That is the problem with shared hosting, you can only use what you get. You have no access to the hardware and software that is used for running the server. Sometimes the shared hosting is not suitable for websites that have large traffic because they require a much faster CPU and more RAM than they have on the shared server. The dedicated server, on the other hand, is allowing the clients to customize their servers as they wish.

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