We are  a Canadian web hosting company specialising in high-end cloud hosting solutions that don't break the bank

We know the pain of trying to find a decent Canadian web hosting company. A lot of hosts just won't cut it, with limiting features or high costs, it's getting more and more difficult to find the top Canadian web hosting providers. Then there's the question of which hosting type to choose for your specific business. Do you want shared hosting, a vps, cloud hosting, or maybe go all out with a dedicated server... it can get pretty confusing.

Here are some of the things you need to be on the look out for if you want to hire a web hosting service provider in Canada.

Reasonable Price

You can get a lot out of a beautiful and expensive looking site but not for a web hosting service that drills a hole to your pocket all the way to your skin. You need to keep the price reasonable especially if you are still starting a business. You can add that feature later on, but first, you are only looking at someone who can get your website out into the world.


When you are using your website for business, you will be dealing with personally identifiable information for you and your customers. This is why you need to be very careful in choosing your passwords. Anybody who can hack into your website can gain access to your client’s debit or credit card information. This can be damaging to your business’ reputation

Free Domain name Registration

Most of the time, free Canadian web hosting services do not come with a free domain name registration, so you need to use their domain name and include your selected name in the address. This will make it too difficult for your customer to remember your domain name. Remember the number one rule to make the most out of your website is, to begin with, a good domain name. Since you can no longer use Google, you can try other short and catchy titles that may jive very well with your business.

There are many other thins to look out for when choosing a web hosting service provider, but the basic ones mentioned above should help you narrow down your search.

Included in our web hosting packages.

- Website builders

We offer many tools to build up a website. It has never been so easy to create a website before! Additionally, all tools for mobile optimized from the start.


- Tools to market your site:

We offer many tools to market your site online and in the real world. Credits with Google ads, Bing searches, and free yellow pages ads.

- Excellent core features:

Unlimited disk space depending on the package you choose for yourself. Unlimited add-on domains and many more things that you can access and use from your starting package.


- Utilities for hosting

Everyone needs additional tools to help them ease the hosting of their site. With us, you get FTP managers, Audio and video support, backup of all your sites for a certain fee, access to logs and much more.

Allisa Henry

We have always encouraged our clients to leave us with their feedback so we might know when something is working as intended and when something needs to be improved upon. If you want to get to know us better, please check some of the testimonials from our customers:

Ronald Peterson

This web hosting is great. I have looked everywhere to find what I want for an affordable price, and these guys have exactly what I needed. If anyone is thinking of giving them a go, please do.

Web hosting can be something that you can do fast and move on with your project, or it can be something that will give you headaches. Here I have found that every service is excellent and up to my standards.

Joseph Jenkins
Kenneth Carter

Man, the service i got for the premium was fantastic! I love how their bundles have something new every couple of months, just in time when my former premium ran out!