Web Hosting Security

By Daren Walker / February 28, 2017

No matter if you are a small website that deals with niche articles or a huge website that has lots of confidential data on their servers. The security is the most important thing you want to invest into going down the line. The lack of investments of safety can prove detrimental as many websites are not aware of the dangers that the internet can inflict onto a website in a short amount of time.


Why you need to secure your hosting

Today there are many tools for malicious practice over the web. People that specialize in making money off of the work of other people. So you need to consider that whatever you make. Or have engaged into has to be protected from people that would take advantage of it for their own goals and requirements. Without a secure web hosting, you are open to malware, phishing e-mails, direct FTP attacks and much more. Secure the content before it becomes the property of some hacker.

The ways you can make your site more secure:

First of all, it’s good to know that all web hosting services are aware of the different attacks that can happen on your site. And for that reason, they offer many ways to secure and protect your site. You have to know which ones are for you and how to utilize those tools for your benefit.


– SSL protection

 SSL encrypts the route between the web server and the browser. SSL certificate is usually active if you can spot the locked padlock in the top left corner of your HTTP bar.

– Backups

Many backups are the only thing that can save your data in some situations prepare in advance. And secure backups for your content because some people just want to destroy your data and move on.

–  Secure File Transfer Protocol

Providing additional protection for your File transfer protocols is a must in today’s online world. Check with your web hosting service what exactly can they protect under the SFTP.

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